A Skate Night on The Town

A Skate Night on the Town


With Summer around the corner, it means longer days, and warmer nights – and thanks to our comfortable line of K2 inline skates featuring our SoftBoot® technology, you can ride in your skates all night long!


We know Europe has tons of events for nightlife skating (Bladenight Munich and Rotterdam Wednesday Night Skates just to name a few) – but we want to know how YOU get ready for a night out on the town with your inline skates.


Here’s how we get ready for a night out of seriously fun skating sessions! Remember to share your stories with our Instagram and Twitter #K2getinline #k2skates


Safety Gear


As always, when you’re going out on your skates it’s important that you wear the necessary safety gear so you can be safe while you have fun!


Bring your skating helmets, as well as your skating pads and wrist guards with the correct fitting. It’s never a bad idea to have a water bottle with you, to stay hydrated!


Fun Skating Accessories


Of course, half the fun of skate night, involves dressing up for the occasion! It’s important to wear highly visible clothing (especially when skating at night) – but be sure to have a bit of fun with it as well.


Laces: Getting fun, bright laces are always a great way to spruce up your look!


Socks: Picking tall socks can also bring a lot more to your skating outfit! Grab a fun pattern, and get ready to skate!


Helmet Decoration: get some fun stickers, or light up gadgets to stick on your skating helmet! (If you need free stickers here’s how to get them: k2skates.com/support/sticker-requests)


Don’t forget to rock out to your playlist while you’re getting ready, to really get pumped up for your night out on the town! Here’s one of our favorites:



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