Top 5 Tricks that are a Treat to Practice


Regardless of whether you are a new skater or a pro, trying a new trick can be a frightening experience but skating is one of those sports where practice really does make perfect. For this Halloween, Team K2 Skate Ambassador Gaby Velasquez lays out 5 must do tricks for your next sessions and some tips on how to do them.

Gaby V.

Skating is a great way to relieve the everyday stress of work, school, or just life in general. To me, skating is the only way to find peace and positive energy after a long tension filled day. Don’t be a scaredy-cat, grab the courage within and challenge yourself.


  1. Frontside: Stability is everything when it comes to this trick. Begin by spreading your legs apart yet keeping them firm while standing back straight on the ledge, ramp, or rail.
  1. Back Royale: Before anything, make sure you wax the ledge and try the trick in slow-mo first. The most important basic step to successfully completing this trick is to keep your knees bent outward and backside in the air. Then, bend your ankles inward and gently slide on your K2 Skate groove. Balance is the key to this trick. Keep in mind to push most of your body weight towards the back.
  1. Gap 360: A must have in your trick arsenal. Keep your momentum in your shoulders and legs, swing and rotate your body in a 360 degree angle until you capture the full turn and nail the final landing in the same position as you started the trick.
  2. Top Soul: Just like it’s brother, the soul grind, the top soul is a grind with the inside soul of your skate. Keep one foot in the royale position and the other one in a soul grind position. Bending your ankle more than you would on any other trick will help you ace this trick the first time.
  1. Kind Grind: Before becoming a pro, you have to start practicing on small ramps or rails until you feel more comfortable and secure with going at a faster pace. With your body facing the front let your leg drag along the back while turned and lock onto your soul plate (the foot you depend on most, ex: right or left). After balancing your body with your soul foot, move straight through the rail in a parallel form; keep moving your feet as spinning your body.


Inline skating is supposed to be fun so remember to maintain a positive attitude, this newfound positivity will help you skate better then you expected.


Remember to stay safe and rock your safety gear while skating, until next post.