Gateway Trail Exploration

Our next adventure started in St. Paul. The Gateway trail is about a mile north of the State Capitol and runs all the way to Pine Point Park. This is about five miles from Stillwater. Monica’s brother Mike skated along with us on this adventure. Monica and Mike grew up skating the Gateway Trail as kids. Their parent’s house is about ¼ mile from one of many trail entrances.

As we went along the trail, it was a blast from the past for both Monica and Mike. It was like every few hundred yards there was some sort of story that would have the two of them laughing like little kids. “Remember that time Nicole (their sister) fell behind so we hid in the woods and jumped out and scared her? Or the time Jake fell off his bike showing off how he’d pop a wheelie?” Oh the good times they must have had as kids.

As for me, a rookie to the trail, I noticed that most of the trail was very smooth with the occasional bump here and there. The terrain was fairly flat and not hilly at all. It was just as easy going East and it was West on this trail. I don’t think I have ever seen any trail like that. Normally you go down hill one way and up hill the other way, but this was not the case for the Gateway.

Just like the Rice Creek Trail, you are in the cities but you feel like you are way up North in Gods country. The trees and lakes are all around you. I had a blast skating the Gateway Trail. It ranks in my top 2 trails right now. Wink wink. I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of summer the Gateway Trail stays in my top 5 trails to inline on in Minnesota.







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