Street Gears: Free Inline Skate Game

The team is glad to announce the official release of the inline skating MMORPG Street Gears. With over 50 000 players participating during the open beta-test phase, everyone can now download the game for free at the gaming portal. With Street Gears going live, players can discover a bunch of new features, including new races, a new playable character, and lots of other surprises.

Street Gears is a free-to-play inline skating game where players can become “riders” fond of freedom and extreme experiences. The city of Park Town has tons of activities for all riders of all levels, such as speed-based races on lots of different tracks, team tournaments, and the possibility to show-off by doing impressive tricks and stunts. From today, all players can enjoy these features, and try the brand new ones that come with the official release of Street Gears.

These include the ability to create any second character on your account. Pick one of the classic characters or ride through the Park Town streets with a fresh, new rider called Rush, an ex-soldier with a love for inline skating. A new race mode is available to players, the Reverse mode. There are new additional quests and a new license, the Pro II, available from level 25. Players can put their reflexes to the test on the new Enberton track, challenging the riders with its various tricky landscapes. Finally, players can plug any USB pad into their computer and enjoy Street Gears as we announce controller support.

To celebrate the release of the game, this final version kicks off a lot of activities like the final events of the Asian Love Festival, which started on the 12th February during the open beta-test phase. In a festive atmosphere punctuated with exotic multicolored lanterns, a big team tournament will take place from today to the 12th March, the last day of the Asian Love Festival. The winning team will have the chance to see its logo displayed on the X-Game Stadium half pipe and win many other extraordinary rewards. Riders can also participate in a special event from the 5th to the 18th March, and win a lot of great prizes.

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