Commuting on Inline Skates

I’ve been skating to work for the last fifteen years. At first that entailed skating down Broadway from 100th Street to 45th. I was a novice, but soon got to the point where I could see a co-worker entering the express subway station at 96th Street and yet beat him to the office. I typically skate in a tie, which I think makes the drivers behave a bit better than they would otherwise.


My current commute goes straight down Fifth Avenue, though sometimes for variety I go through Central Park and Times Square before cutting over. That route is particularly fun when there are crowds in Times Square to greet the arrival of a pop star to the MTV building. I take the middle lane and pretend the screaming is all for me.

In fifteen years, I have come close to being doored only once, and it was by a limousine. I turned back to yell at the passenger as he emerged from the car, only to see that it was Henry Kissinger. Then his bodyguards got out and I elected to continue on home.

-Michael Stern