Get Ready for Summer Skating!

Get the best advice from our ambassadors to keep your skates looking good and rolling fast!

Preston Villanueva

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  1. Make sure all my wheels are rolling smooth. Clean, smooth rolling bearings. I always check to make sure my wheels don’t need to be rotated.
  2. I like to have all straps for my K2s, so I usually replace the buckle with a new velcro strap.
  3. I change out the footbed to Superfeet. Although, the K2 footbed is really nice as well.

Manuel Rodriguez

Manuel’s Top 5 Must Haves.

K2 Ambassador Manuel Rodriguez “Top 5 Must Haves” from Manuel Rodriguez on Vimeo.

Juan Mosqueda

Juan’s Skate Care Tips

First off, I maintain my skates and keep them at “new status” as best as I can. Meaning I take of my wheels and bearings, keep them clean. That doesn’t mean I don’t go through dirt, sand, grass what have you. I do whatever I have to do when I’m skating. I don’t thrash my skates, but I don’t baby them either and when I get home I clean them up.

Most of the time they just need a wipe down. As dirt and stuff builds, it works it’s way into the bearings and boots. So it’s important to get at that stuff right away. If you have access to air compressor, or canned air for cleaning electronics is great for keeping your skates clean. 

tony2 k2 bob-2

Once I spray the skates down, I’ll take out the wheels out one at a time and with a mild spray de-greaser and a rag, will wipe out all of the frame and hubs of the wheels, getting the outsides of the bearings. At this point I inspect the bearings to see if anything got in. Blasting the air normally gets it and drop in a few drops of bearing lube, call it good to go. I do this every 2-3 skate sessions, but do variations of it pending each session. 

If I know the night before I’m going for skate the next day, I’ll do a quick inspection. Make sure bolts are tight, wheels are rolling fast and freely. if they need a rotation, ill bust it out real quick. 

Next is packing up my backpack. I always bring a pair of shorts, at least one pair of clean socks and a some sort of sweatshirt and t-shirt. So many skate sessions turn into a hang after, it’s nice to get out of sweaty socks and what not. Fresh shorts after a skate is never a bad idea. Morning of I grab snacks, fill up my water bottle with ice water and have a good stretch.

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I also always carry spare wheels, bearings, hardware, wax and swag. In my heyday i would carry full sets of brand new wheels and what not. I was always getting free stuff, and whatever I didn’t need I would pass on to those who did. And I still do what i can to this day!

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