Three Wheel Thrills – The New K2 Trio Is Here.

The K2 Trio Story

Good things tend to come in sets of three’s. There’s the primary colors, the Triple Crown, the Three Little Pigs. And who could forget Dusty Bottoms, Lucky Day, and Ned Nederlander (The Three Amigos) and their epic battle to save the village of Santo Poco from the clutches of the ruthless El Guapo? The best, right?

Feeling inspired and talking over a few pints one evening after a post-work cruise with the crew, we got to thinking. Why not throw three big wheels on an inline skate? We sketched out a few protos on some napkins, finished our beers, and headed home for the night. The next day at the office we pulled out the crinkly rudimentary drawings from our pockets and got to work.

The K2 Trio was born.

K2 Trio Blue

The Wheels

We used 100mm wheels because we love to skate fast. While bigger wheels take a little more effort to get up to speed, they roll like crazy and allow for a higher maximum velocity (it’s physics folks). Bigger wheels also offer increased stability over rough roads and sidewalks. Additionally, we paired the wheels with durable ILQ7 bearings for ultra smooth roll and glide.

100mm urban wheel100mm urban wheel

The Frame

The Trio 6061 Aluminum frame is an all new UFS compatible frame. We wanted Trio skaters to have the option to rocker their setup, so we made the 2nd wheel rockerable to increase maneuverability (pro tip: it’s really fun). The design also delivers both outstanding power transfer and stability at any speed, even with a short wheel base.

Trio 6061 Aluminum Frame

The Lacing/Strap System

Sticking with the “better in threes” theme, we used three velcro straps on the instep and ankle on the Trio for ultimate secure fit and comfort. The combination of traditional laces and three straps results in insane power transfer and responsiveness for quick movements and long powerful strides while high speed cruising or crazy crowded commuting.

Trio Strap System

The Bottom Line

Commuting to the office? Laps at the park? After hours cruising with the crew? With a short wheel base, 100mm wheels, and an all-new rockerable three wheel aluminum frame, the new UFS compatible K2 Trio is designed for agility and speed wherever your skate adventures may take you.

K2 Trio Blue

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