The Commission Press Release


K2 Confesses Involvement with The Commission
Powerful, New Skate Collection Controls the Paved World with Versatile Designs

SEATTLE, Wash. (12/22/08) – Powerful, stylish, discreet and fast on its feet, The Commission is K2’s newest family of in-line skates designed in the underworld and brought to the surface with performance features and looks that will tame any street.

Available in spring 2009, The Commission family tree consists of six men’s and women’s skates that are groomed to excel for hours in specific skating environments from trails, to streets and rails. Comfort and style are paramount with high fashion herringbone, houndstooth and winter camo facades that mask an arsenal of K2-centric design features.


The Il Capo men’s skate is the head of the family with top-grade performance features designed for urban freeskating. It’s dressed to the nines with Hyper Concrete wheels, a Fatty Pro Stability Cuff, shock absorption and an extruded aluminum frame. The Il Capo has 80mm wheels, ILQ-7 bearings and a shorter wheel base that delivers speed, maneuverability, control and versatility for jumping, grinding, slaloming and cruising. The skate’s tough demeanor masks a myriad of interior comfort features with K2’s unparalleled Softboot design that pampers and protects the feet from the cold, cruel world.


The Rita women’s skate flexes a toned muscle in her own right with high-fashion style cues backed by an arsenal of high-performance features, including an aluminum frame, 80mm wheels and ILQ-7 bearings. The versatile skate takes on all concrete environments in comfort with K2’s Softboot construction that is proven to coddle the feet during extended daytime missions and after-hour escapes pursued under the cloak of darkness.

“The Commission?” said Jeff Mechura, K2 Skate boss. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The Commission is an offshoot of K2 Skate, formed in 1993 when a U.S. National Cross Country team member and U.S. Olympic speed skater collaborated with K2 on the development of the first Softboot skate. The original K2’s fit like a comfortable boot and performed at a significantly higher level than the stiff hockey-style designs of the day. The design permanently reshaped the market and positioned K2 globally as the number one skate brand, a position it still holds today. Offering styles of men’s,  women’s and children’s  skates for everything from family recreation to professional competition, K2 Skate is the world leader in in-line skate technology.