New Spot to Skate In Minnesota

Ambassador Nate Smith shares one of his new favorite spots to get his skate on:


My wife and I went out Sunday afternoon for a little skate around Rice Creek Park in Shoreview, Minnesota. The weather was just about perfect minus the clouds and a few sprinkles. But we have become accustom to this over the last few weeks. Rice Creek has much to offer the inline skater. One plus being the park is a short drive from our house. They have 4 different parking lots that enter the trails, each at different areas. All of the lots have a ton a space, so even on the busiest days you wont have to worry about finding a spot. All of the trails are smooth and easy to skate on. There are a few cracks that have been filled with that soft black filler that I like to call road snakes. You know what I am talking about, right? The Good news is that almost all of the road snakes run across the trail horizintally and very few run with the trail vertically. So you wont have to test your wrist guards and kneepads. There are so many options to take when skating. Its like every 300-500 yards you have to choose left or right. You could skate the park about 10 times and not take the exact same route twice.

Take a left and go through a heavily wooded area just if you were skating up in Northern Minnesota. If you were to take a right you would skate in the plains and open fields of the southwest part of our great state. Where else can you get a glimpse of what Minnesota has to offer in one park?

If you work your way to the northwest corner of the Park you will find the creek. This creek runs from Clear Lake in Forest Lake, Minnesota and flows down to the great Mississippi in Fridley, Minnesota. Thee creek connects some 20 plus lakes on the way. Normally you can skate right by the creek and under a bridge but with all the rain we have been having, the creek is about 6-10 feet higher then normal. You can see the guard rail its almost completely under water.

Over all I would say that right now Rice Creek Park is my Favorite place to skate. As we continue to skate the State it will be interesting to see if it stays #1.

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