Skate Event Bucket List

Photo Credit: Marc Kunkele

From Duluth, Minnesota to Munich, Germany people are strapping on their skates and getting “inline.” At K2 Skate , we feed off the social aspect of skating. It’s what gets us outside on the weekend and it’s what keep things fun on a daily basis. Whether it’s taking part in a Friday night skate, competing in a skate marathon, or just meeting up with a couple folks at a local skate park, there’s an event for everyone.

Here’s a list of inline skate events to add to your bucket list!


 The Northshore Inline Marathon is the largest race held in North America. Not only is it a ton of fun, but there’s still a chance to beat Chad Hedrick’s record and win the K2 $10K Bounty.




What better way to start off the week than to skate through the streets of Munich, and also try some of the latest K2 Skates. For all available dates head here.



Coming into its 42nd year, the BMW Berlin Marathon had over 5,000 inline skating participants last year. Its a unique experience to say the least!



The Friday blade nights in London is a totally free event that is welcome to any and all skaters (kids need to be accompanied by an adult). The only requirement is you have to love skating (and can ride in a group in a controlled fashion). Head here for more info.