5 Tips to Improve Your Aggressive Skating Skills

John Goez
Team K2 Skate Ambassador Gaby V. ; Photo Credit- John Goez


Like in any sport, practice makes perfect (combined with a mix of dedication, patience, commitment and a small dose of self confidence). One of the biggest obstacles in being successful as an aggressive skater is accepting some of your fear around doing a new trick. After taking a few spills (hopefully with some K2 Skate Protective gear on), and with some practice, that fear becomes reduced and you are able to hit that trick you’ve been struggling with.

Here are 5 tips to Help Build Your Skills:

  1. Have fun while skating: Having fun is a fundamental way to release fears, improve creativity, and make you feel more comfortable on your skates. Just be free, find your style, and your way of rolling
  1. Look for a comfortable place to start practicing: The easiest place to start is by finding a local skate park. Start with smaller features and slowly work your way up.
  1. Get fit: Even if you don’t like stretching and warming up its a must do, not doing so will catch up to you in the long run.
  1. Start with the basics: Learn how to roll forward and backwards known as a “fakie”, and also how to stop. Get to know your skates, frames, wheels, and soul plate. The better you know your skates the more confident you will feel.
  1. How to Grind: There are many ways to grind and one each way has a different name. The most common grinds are soul grind, frontside, and royales. These basic grinds will open up the door to other more technical grinds. Just keep it cool and safe while learning these tricks, always wear your helmet and other protective gear.
Photo Credit John Goez
Photo Credit: John Goez


Keep it positive, make sure to jump high and most importantly,  have some fun! Till next time, keep rolling.

Gaby Velásquez 

“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.”

― Ann Voskamp