Get To Know K2 Skates Ambassador Erik Bill (And Win His Skates!)

Cruisin...on a Sunday afternoon.
Cruisin…on a Sunday afternoon.

We’re giving away a pair of one of Erik’s favorite skates, the Uptown! Enter to win…

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When Erik hit us up and told us he was interested in skating K2, it didn’t take us long to put pen to paper and get him on the squad. His creativity and style was instantly apparent; not only is his skating on point and fun to watch, but his fashion sense and full on man beard captured our attention and had us stoking for his next edit. Recently, he sat down with his partner Molly Sue to discuss skating, microbrews, and what year he started shaving in a quick hitting interview that sheds light on one of K2’s newest and most recognizable ambassadors.

MS: What is your favorite thing to do to start off the morning?
EB: Sneak out of bed so I don’t wake you up…then I start some coffee and put on a record. Depending on the time of year I’ll either open up windows or get the fireplace going and hang for a bit. Wish I could do it every day.

MS: I noticed we have been getting a lot of wheels in the mail. What’s up with that?
EB: Haha! Well I’ve been doing my aggressive blading of course. But recently I’ve also been doing a lot of big wheel, distance/cruising type’a skating! Both require nice wheels.

MS: Have you always been interested in history and old clothing/items?
EB: Yep. But I get a lot more interested every single day. The more ya’ learn I suppose!

MS: What sparked that interest?
EB: Watching westerns with my dad.

MS: Is there a relation between your passions for skating and Americana?
EB: Yes! The setting of a clip means a lot. I’d rather find a spot with some mature growth and an unkept, 1900’s building in the background than a big city or suburban, linoleum-sided sprawl. The song paired to a part means a lot too. I think the old-time charm is often a good fit.

Sometimes there's a man...
Sometimes there’s a man…

MS: What is your favorite thing about Idaho?
EB: This is another question that can reaaally open a can’a worms. But again I’ll try to keep it brief. Idaho is still large and kind. You can be in the middle of nowhere whenever you’d like. Strangers will hold the door open for you and compliment your shirt. It’s very safe and has a huge history that you can tap into at your leisure. Boise has grown enough to have the perks of a big city…good coffee, good music scene, good beers and a fine variety of authentic foods.

MS: What kind of trouble have you been in from skating? I want to hear the worst time!
EB: In my twenty-ish years of street skating I have never had to pay a fine for it. There have been thousands of times (not exaggerating) where I’m accused of trespassing, vandalizing, blah blah blah but whether it’s to a business owner, cop or judge I’ve always talked my way out of it! Knocking on wood right now.

I have been threatened with swords, fists, and other stuff before because of skating…guess that’s a little different.

MS: What’s your theme song?
EB: Good question! Maybe “Don’t Mess With Bill” by the Marvelette’s.

MS: What is the best advice you have received?
EB: I’ve received a lot of great advice and I’m thankful for it all. I think the most commonly used tidbits for me are these classics: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and “Shit in one hand and wish in the other, see which one fills up first.”. Think I first heard ’em both from my dad.

MS: What life advice would you give to your child if you had one?
EB: I’d tell them to “never have kids”. Just kidding…I would really try to stress to them to make the most out of each day. I go to sleep real late and wake up real early to try and cram all the things I love in there. Makes me feel accomplished and like I’m living a more fulfilling life than most.

Skills and style.

MS: Who is your biggest inspiration?
EB: Tough to pick just one. I have huge inspirations in skating, filming, editing and all other aspects of my life. I think if I had to choose my biggest overall inspiration it would be Blaze Foley. He was repeatedly cut down and stripped of everything he worked for but kept going. Not only is his story very inspiring (though tragic, awful and saddening at the same time) but his songs can be very inspiring as well.

MS: What is the hardest obstacle you have had to overcome?
EB: In skating I’d say tearing some ligaments in my knee or just dealing with the constant pain of my worsening scoliosis. Outside of skating I’d say losing my dad. I still think about him everyday…not sure if I’ve truly overcome that yet.

MS: How did the NDN start?
EB: Well the IRS was after me during some bad luck and I had to change things up a bit! I wanted to come up with something that tied into the rest of my interests and it all came together. The NDN (pronounced Indian) is my tribe! The potential artwork coincides with my favorite styles. Same with the western music that usually comes to mind. Plus I’ve got Cherokee and Choctaw in me.

MS: What would you like to see happen with your upcoming project “Just Passin’ Thru”?
EB: I just want it to do well enough to promote our efforts and continue the fun.

For those who don’t know, here’s the idea behind “Just Passin’ Thru.” Nicholas Swan (if you don’t know his skating, you should look it up!) and I have created a bank account specifically for The NDN. None of the money belongs to me, him, or any of the other bladers involved. It all just goes toward projects to promote the NDN as a whole. “Just Passin’ Thru” is going to be a series of VOD’s (downloadable skate vids) where I, Nicholas, and one or two other crew members will travel to smaller towns around the country to film for a week or two, primarily on spots that aren’t played out. We will also be linking up with talented friends in those areas and getting them involved in the edits. The first of the series will be shot in some lesser-travelled central California coastal towns. We’ll be meeting up with Sean Keane, Casey Bagozzi and some other folks to get some wonderful content. Nick and I are shooting to each have a full part in every JPT VOD.

Every penny of the VOD sales, t-shirt sales and gracious donations (thank you!) will go toward creating more entries in the series and getting to more towns. It’s also a good outlet to promote our sponsors!

Idaho 4 life!
Idaho 4 life.

MS: If you never had to work again what would you do with your days?
EB: Oh man. I’ll save you guys the three hours of reading and try to summarize. Barns, old clothes, blading, guitars, open road, beers, wilderness, ghost towns, networking, bargains, bourbon, port wine.

MS: You’ve never been overseas, what country are you dying to see?
EB: I’ll give ’em all a chance!

MS: What are your goals for the future with skating?
EB: Similar to the JPT stuff I just want to have fun, hang with my pals and promote the companies I believe in.

MS: What about personal future goals?
EB: I want to buy a second home. Rural. And keep developing relationships with my gal and my family.

MS: Who are your sponsors?
EB: K2, Ground Control, The Blade Clothing, Powderhaus Brewing and The NDN. All of which kick ass and are worth looking into.

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We’re giving away a pair of one of Erik’s favorite skates, the Uptown! Enter below!

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Don’t want to wait for us to select a winner?! The K2 Uptowns are available online and there’s free shipping on orders over $100. Take home a pair today.

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